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About us

Ko te reo te hā, te mauri o te Māoritanga

The Māori language is the cornerstone of Māori culture

Te reo Māori, the Māori language, is a taonga (treasure) at the heart of Māori culture and identity and must be preserved and grown. It provides a platform for Māori cultural development and supports a unique Aotearoa-New Zealand identity within a global society.

Our stories hold immense power and we are proud to use our platforms to share these stories with the world.
Our strategy is based on inclusivity. Many of our shows are bilingual and subtitled sothat everyone can enjoy them.  

Mā Rātou, Mā Mātou, Mā Koutou, Mā Tātou
For Them, For Us, For You, For Everyone.  

Join our waka tangata on this voyage of knowledge and discovery.
Hoea te waka, piki te mātau! Paddle the waka and raise the knowledge!

We showcase free-to-air, online and on demand content in a range of formats across multiple platforms with our audience - anywhere, any time and on any device - including:

  • A bilingual linear channel, Whakaata Māori, launched on 28 March 2004, which broadcasts on Channel 5 on Freeview and Channel 19 on Sky.
  • Our 100 per cent Māori language channel, Te Reo, launched on 28 March 2008, which broadcasts on Channel 15 on Freeview and Channel 82 on Sky.
  • www.maoritelevision.com and www.teaomaori.news - in both English and Māori which provide on demand content as well as live streaming of special events.
  • A strong presence on key social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.
  • Two mobile phone apps – MAORI+ and Te Ao Māori News.
  • An inclusive strategy. Our tagline is ‘mā rātou, mā mātou, mā koutou, mā tātou’ (for them, for us, for you, for everyone). Many of our shows are bilingual, in both Māori and English, the majority is subtitled and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Ō mātou uara
Our values

Kia ngaio, kia mau ki ngā taumata tiketike
Be professional and maintain high standards
Kia pono, kia tika, kia ngākau tapatahi
Be truthful, honest and act with integrity
Kia mataara, kia whakaaro nui ki tētahi atu
Be respectful and demonstrate empathy
Kia mau kia ū ki te hōhonutanga o ngā tikanga Māori
Maintain and uphold core Māori values

E tū tātou ki te waka o Whakaata Māori

Let us tell our stories and inspire the world.

Our mission is to tell compelling stories that promote our Māori language, culture, and heritage and connect audiences to te ao Māori. We are dynamic. Like the slack in the tether of a waka, we understand how we must flex in order to serve diverse audiences and their needs.

Our language and culture defines us and guide us in everything we do.It is our connection to the sky, the land, and the sea. It is the essence of who we are and what we stand for.

Tini whetū ki te rangi, ko te iwi Māori ki te whenua.
Like the multitude of stars in the sky, the great Māori people are on earth.