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About us

The Whakaata Māori story began with how the light was brought to the world and the journey of Tamarēreti
- who took Tāne on a revolutionary voyage to set the sun, moon and stars into the sky.

Our ancestors were guided by these celestial bodies and the way they lived and the decisions they made.

Hawaiki tangata

The Māori language is the cornerstone of Māori culture

The legacy of Hawaiki lives within us. As people of Hawaiki, we inhabit our whakapapa and carryits stories in our very DNA.

We are infused with the values and wisdom of our ancestors, and empowered by the tales of Hawaikirangi, the celestial Hawaiki, and the Hawaiki tangata, thedescendants who walk the earth. Hawaikirangi and Hawaiki tangata serve as the foundationa pillars of Whakaata Māori.

We are entrusted with the responsibility of sharing the rich stories of our past, present, and future with the world.

We liken our journey to that of Tāne and Tamarēreti on the waka Puna Ariki. We strive to illuminate our language, culture, and identity, harnessing Whakaata Māori as our waka to carry us through the ever-changing media landscape. Similarly, to Tāne and Tamarēreti, we embark on a journey to discover our true purpose and identity through storytelling, using our creativity and innovation to weave tales that evoke the beautiful tukutuku panels placed in the sky for all to behold. We are driven by our mission to serve our people, ensuring that our stories are by, for, and about them.

The stories we tell today hold immense power as they shape and inspire the perspectives of an entire nation, influencing the way our children and future generations perceive themselves and how the world perceives them. We are passionate and innovative media professionals who specialise in creating compelling and authentic Māori content that captivates and resonates with audiences.

Our dedication to this mission is reflected in our collaborations with independent producers, the wider media sector, whānau, hapū, iwi, and communities, all united in our goal to uplift and amplify the voices and perspectives of our people. We foster positive relationships with our partners and practice whanaungatanga and manaakitanga, which promote mutual respect, hospitality, and inclusivity.
Learn more about He Puna Ariki here:
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Te Reo Version

te reo me ngā tikanga māori

The Māori language and culture is the mauri of our Whakaata Māori waka, imbuing it with
spiritual power and significance.

We are dedicated to fostering an environment where our language and culture can flourish, promoting initiatives such as rumaki reo and te tukunga iho o te

We take pride in creating content that further these goals and contributes to the vitality of
our language and cultural heritage.

Ō mātou uara
Our values

Kia ngaio, kia mau ki ngā taumata tiketike
Be professional and maintain high standards
Kia pono, kia tika, kia ngākau tapatahi
Be truthful, honest and act with integrity
Kia mataara, kia whakaaro nui ki tētahi atu
Be respectful and demonstrate empathy
Kia mau kia ū ki te hōhonutanga o ngā tikanga Māori
Maintain and uphold core Māori values

our vision

The fifth star, Te Kautu ki te Rangi, is the steering paddle.

It personifies our vision “kia mauri ora te
reo”, which is ever present, keeping us focused on a future where the Māori language is spoken
everywhere and all the time.

our kaupapa

Te Taura o te Waka o Tamarēreti represents our mission which is to tell compelling stories that
promote our Māori language, culture, and heritage and connect audiences to te ao Māori.

Like the slack in the tether we understand how we must flex in order to serve diverse audiences and their

Our language and culture define us and guides us in everything we do. It is our connection to the sky, the land, and the sea. It is the essence of who we are and what we stand for.

Tini whetū ki te rangi, ko te iwi Māori ki te whenua.

Like the multitude of the stars in the sky, the
great Māori people are on earth.

E tū tātau ki te waka o Whakaata Māori
— Let’s tell our stories and inspire the world.