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An unprecedented partnership between Whakaata Māori and TG4 Ireland, has been secured to share strategies, content development and potential co-productions.

The landmark agreement was signed at the 45th Celtic Media Festival in Cardiff this week and launches collaboration between the Māori and Irish-speaking communities.

Kaihautū of Whakaata Māori Shane Taurima says the new partnership signals another important step for Whakaata Māori in collaborating with broadcasters worldwide who share a mission of promoting language and culture.

 “Our role is more pivotal than ever in contributing to the normalisation of our languages and cultures and ultimately their survival for future generations,” he says.

 “I am excited about the opportunities that this alliance with TG4 presents - bringing creative minds together to find enduring solutions that will raise the status of the Māori and Irish languages and cultures, and create content that inspires our audiences," says Shane Taurima.

TG4is a free-to- air channel across all viewing platforms in the Republic of Ireland with an average audience of 1.2 million every week.  It plays a critical role in the growth of Irish language and culture, regional and rural development and social inclusion of minority language communities.

TG4 Director General, Alan Esslemont, said they were excited to strengthen ties with Whakaata Māori.

“Within the history of global colonisation the Irish people have been both the ‘dispossessed’ and the ‘dispossessors’ and I believe that we have much to discover from the experiences and worldview of the Māori people,” he says.

“The parallels are evident to me between te reo Māori and an Ghaeilge, their communities of speakers and their revitalisation efforts.  In addition, TG4 and Irish media strategy can learn much from media policies concerning Māori broadcasting and other Aotearoa/ New Zealand media.”

The new Relationship Agreement confirms solidarity in important language and cultural preservation, establishing cooperation in content development, co-production, and exchange of resources, strategies, knowledge and services.

The key principles underpinning the partnership include:

·        Mahi Tahi – Dea-Rún: Acting with integrity and respect.

·        Kotahitanga- Meitheal: Collaborative efforts on agreed priorities.

·        Kia Pono - Ionracas: Commitment to purpose, principles, and honesty.

Outcomes include strengthening ties between te reo Māori and Ghaeilge communities, introducing TG4 staff and viewers to Māori perspectives, delivering engaging content to Irish audiences about te ao Māori and Aotearoa, increasing unique and global indigenous content on Whakaata Māori platforms for all audiences.

By upholding shared values and leveraging each other’s strengths and insights, both parties are poised to enrich their respective audiences and foster a deeper connection to their cultural identities.