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History will be made when the first ever 100 per cent reo Māori action scripted children’s drama drops on Māori+, the digital platform of Whakaata Māori. 

TE PĀMU KŪMARA, (The Kūmara Farm) premieres on Friday 29 July when all six 10 minute episodes will drop on Māori+ at 7.00 PM.


The series, funded by Te Māngai Pāho, is centred around Tai (12 year old Owairea Tawera) and her superhumanwhānau who run their local vege shop from their kūmara farm, and must protecttheir whenua from those who desire it for their own ends.


For Kura Productions’ Managing Director Te Ataraiti Waretini, TE PĀMU KŪMARA is a game changer.


“This programme wouldn’t even have been possible five years ago, says Te Ataraiti.


For generations, many have fought hard for tamariki to be raised with te reo Māori yet, when they come home, those tamariki have had only Pākehā dramas to watch.


TE PĀMU KŪMARA is a show specifically for our tamariki, something that reflects their Māori values and is in te reo Māori.


“Importantly, it shows a changing of the times, we now have more experienced Māori writers, directors,crew and cast in drama who want high quality content for tamariki.


On set, Te Ataraiti recalls a particularly poignant moment.


“One of the kids was asked, ‘How is it working on a Māori set for a reo Māori show?’ She answered, ‘It’s easy because it’s my culture and my language.’


“It’s not just normalisation of te reo Māori but the Māori working environment. Our tamariki absolutely deserve fun, magical drama all in te reo Māori, which they can relate to.”




EPISODEONE: TAONGA – Tai and Nan are approached by Grace, who offers to buy the farm.

EPISODE TWO: KUA HOKI MAI AMĀMĀ (Mum’s Back) – Nan falls sick so Marama and Nīkau return to help run the farm.

EPISODE THREE: TEPŪRERETANGA (The Great Escape) – Tai and Amaia devise a plan to bust Nan out of hospital.

EPISODE FOUR: TEKAUHANGANUI (The Hallway) – The tupu are dying andTai pushes past her fear of her matakitetanga.

EPISODE FIVE: NGĀ HAUTUTŪ (Pranksters) – The kids prank Grace to leave their farm.

EPISODE SIX: TAHUNA (BurnIt) – Tai tries to figure out why the tupu are still dying.